Musings from a Mom


September 30, 2016

I posted this image you see below not long ago and I have received quite a few emails from men who carry unhealthy weight. Now of course these are curvy men, not such thing! Each one of the guys I received emails from said that they have a hard time dating and they want to get healthy. Lets talk about how each of them said fit/skinny type of women don't find them attractive and women who are curvy/fat, definitely don't find them attractive, which they don't understand (like women aren't already complicated to understand, lol). Now I told each of them that I understand fit women wanting to date men who are fit, but what I don't get is how lazy women want fit men. In the end, I encouraged each of them to focus on their daily health habits and get involved in social groups that focus on hobbies they might have. An example of a social group would be a book club. This is where they will meet others with the same likes, and maybe someone single. 


I know a lot of people who have unhealthy fat who want to be with someone who is fit. Again I will say...I DON'T GET IT, how is it they can be fat and not want to date someone equally as fat? To me, that would be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend set up! They could eat healthy and exercise together or they could  continue  their unhealthy lifestyles and be there for one another when they get health problems do to their unhealthy weight. After all, for those of you who live an unhealthy lifestyle better have a plan if you get sick due to your bad health choices!




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