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White Carbs

October 1, 2014

I might whip up some mash potatoes once a month for my little guy but they are not a staple in my family's diet. We next to never eat white carbs other than maybe one weekend a month we enjoy a burger with a huge white carb bun and fries. And I cannot remember the last time we ate pasta, lol.  And on that note we only eat pizza a couple times a year. So with all this being said, I talked to a fella this past weekend who told  me he was pushing the scale at 303, so he cut out white carbs and sugar and lost 20 lbs within a month, yeah for him!! So enjoy white carbs if you must, but remember moderation in everything you eat. White potatoes always leave me feeling bloated and fat, I rather fill up on a side salad before a side of white spuds!!




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