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Have A Holly Jolly Christmas, SING IT!!

December 19, 2014


Hello Ladies, 

Don't forget to do some shopping for yourself as you finish your holiday shopping this weekend!! I bought myself a new pair of sparkly heels, some pretty hair accessories and of course, a few new lipsticks!! Amazing how you see all these things that are just you when your shopping for others, lol. What I am trying to say, buy yourself something that is going to make you feel pretty and sexy. Not only do we need to feed our bodies good food and exercise to feel pretty and sexy, we still need to have that new pair of shoes that can just make a fat day go away! Enjoy your weekend as you do holiday errands, park as far away as you can from the store to get in some extra steps. And most importantly say hello to everyone with a smile. Strike up a conversation with the person behind you in line, compliment their scarf or hat, even if it is ugly, it will make them smile!! 


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