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Blessed Easter To You

April 20, 2014

Started the day with prayer with my family, beautiful day to mingle with others at church. We will be cooking and delivering Easter dinner for a family that has a family member fighting cancer, prayers to all of you who are or have a loved one with cancer, I know every day is fight. I thank the Lord every day for my husband, who is winning the fight with his cancer. Last night we enjoyed a dinner with our kids, grilled by Dad. Today, we will be feasting on good cheeses, lobster salad stuffed avocados & our Easter dinner will be veal mushroom marsala along with twice baked potatoes and grilled corn. Simple, easy and the perfect  splurge for this beautiful day. And yes, I will get in a quick walk / jog, I have to eat my chocolate bunny without guilt later, lol!!

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