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Are You Having A Fat Day?

November 20, 2014

Ladies, we all have "I Feel Fat Day". Whether you're fat or not, we all have them. And one thing I can guarantee you is that if you start eating right and exercising, those "I Feel Fat Days" will probably be only around period time or after a pig out day. There is nothing like a good sweat from working out, it mentally puts me in a good mood...I feel skinny and strong. ¬†Exercise is ME TIME!! And let me say this again, if you have time to be reading this, you have time to exercise!! So start fighting those "I Fell Fat Days" today!! Your mental health will reap rewards from it!!   paleo-diet


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Also, I posted a few recipes above that include spinach...

You should load up on folate-filled spinach for memory health. Folate deficiency is serious. Symptoms include mental fatigue, nonsenile dementia, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness and confusion.