Musings from a Mom


March 25, 2017

Walking-Jogging-Pool Lounging-Ocean Exploring-Segway-Museums-Deep Sea Fishing-Dining-Airboating are all on my menu for spring break. The nice thing about family vacations is that it only takes me 2 hours to pack, lol, not 4 hours trying to figure what figure flattering dresses to wear out with my hubby. As for my cats this week, I didn't need to hire a cat sitter.  Relatives are in town visiting, yes, there are people out there who do want to see Cleveland and some of our artsy suburbs. 


DAY ONE = Traveling To Our Destination...I'm a little tired, I can never sleep well the night before travel. I'm always like..ok..what am I forgetting :) 


**An Airport Martini To Kick It All Off**



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