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Getting Back On Track

January 28, 2015

I think I did really well over the holidays with my diet, lol, I knew that I was going to be wearing elegant form fit evening attire in Montreal New Years eve weekend. So it was easy to say no to junk, well to a certain point. However, after New Year's eve weekend I have kept up the exercise but slacking a little on portion control with my diet. Like this past Monday, which I mentioned yesterday, I oinked it on a jar of peanut butter. I believe you have to first be mentally into getting yourself into good physical condition, in order to stick to a routine. And yesterday it kind of clicked again for me to get back on track with good behavior with diet/exercise. Now remember, I do eat, I eat a lot, but exercise helps keep my weight down. And my splurge day / days will be Saturday-Sunday. It's not easy to say no to onion rings, wings and nachos watching football and basketball.  You need to have splurges with your diet in order to stick to a diet. And as for exercise, you need an off day here and there. No one is perfect and we aren't suppose to be starve yourself skinny. Just start exercising and eat relatively good and your body will get to the weight it's meant to be at!!




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