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Are You Fat Or Skinny In The Mirror?

September 1, 2015

We all see ourselves differently than other people do, we just do. I don't think I am fat by any means, but when I see a photo of myself I am like...Wow, I am in pretty good shape, yet I tend to see myself as heavier looking. For some reason I always see myself fatter in the mirror, lol, I have to blame that on the fact that I am a woman. I have come to learn from many years of talking to women that skinny women see themselves in the mirror heavier than they are, and fat woman see themselves skinnier than they are. It is a weird concept, it really is. In the end, what you see in the mirror shouldn't be your motivation to live healthy. Regardless of your weight, skinny or fat, you need to start living healthy. The thing that should be your push to workout should be how GOOD your body feels from healthy choices with your diet & exercise. But again, with being a  woman I want to look extra skinny in the mirror before my hubby sees me in a sexy little number :O 



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