Musings from a Mom

Let’s Get Back On Track Today With Healthy Choices

February 8, 2016

So did you eat a little too much during the Super Bowl? I think I did okay, except for the end of the night pig out on chocolate chip cookies with frosting right before bed, sigh. Don't slack it today on exercise and try your best with your diet choices. I know many of you will have leftovers from the game, that's okay, eat and enjoy. But after today ditch the football fare! Just remember, every few bites of not so good for you food is about 20 minutes of brisk burn those calories from your arse! Push yourself today, I know I have to....but like I said, I failed last night with a pig out on "cookie" and the only way I am going to feel better from that sugar-calorie overload is making smart food & exercise choices today!



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