Are you doing stretches to help your lower back?


Almost everyone can benefit from stretching the soft tissues – the muscles, ligaments and tendons – in the back, legs, buttock, and around the spine.

The spinal column and its contiguous muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all designed to move, and limitations in this motion can make back pain worse.


*Stretching should be pain free; do not force the body into difficult positions

*Move into the stretch slowly and avoid bouncing, which may actually tear muscles

*Stretch on a clean, flat surface that is large enough to move freely

*Hold stretches long enough (15 – 20 seconds) to allow muscles or joints to become loose

*Repeat the stretch, generally 5-10 times


***If you already have low back pain, check with a physician or physical therapist to discuss how you can help your current back pain through exercise (not pills!!) and how you can do daily back stretches now and for future health!!


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