Was up a bit late last night after binging on about 10 snack size candy bars. Chocolate always makes me feel better when I am sad, like a lot of women, I can be an emotional eater too. So after falling off the wagon last night, I will be on full healthy eating mode today and for rest of the week. Why did I binge? My Dad is on his way to meet the big guy in the sky soon. It is amazing how he has held on, but I know he worries about my Mom. They are both in their early 80’s, my Dad has Parkinson’s and my Mom is winning the fight against Bladder Cancer. Ladies, one of the very first questions that the doctor asked my mom was “Did you ever smoke?” … Yes, my Mom smoked, who turns 82 in December. She stopped smoking about 34 years ago, she smoked before quitting for around 15 years. How you treat your body today, will effect your life tomorrow.  We all have health concerns within our immediate families. Start your fight today against all the odds that your up against with your health. Eating healthy and exercise will benefit you from the very first step you take in helping your health. Make the commitment today to live, love and laugh healthy! You might not get too many more tomorrows if you continue to abuse your body through your diet, and no exercise program. And yes, you can fall off the healthy path at least once a week, within moderation ,and that goes for holidays too. If our 18 or 81, what you do to your body matters. So stop thinking you have tomorrow to start, get off your lazy arse and move. God gave you a beautiful body inside and out, treat it with healthy love!!

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