Ankle & Wrist Weights


If you check out my Daily Workout Page, you will see that I have added ankle and wrist weights to my routine. Wearing weights is not recommended for everyone. 

I wear the extra weight to increase my calorie burn. 

Adding extra weight to your body during a workout causes your muscles and heart to work harder. The more muscles and organs that are activated means more energy is needed to do the work of exercising. More energy expended means more calories are burned. WHOOP WHOOP!!

Ankle or leg weights increase the stress on the joints, which can possible cause leg strain or injury. Ankle weights strengthen the quadriceps, but do not strengthen the hamstrings in the back of the leg. 

Because ankle weights put more force on the joints, they are not recommended for people with existing knee or other joint problems. They are fine for people in good shape and who do not have any physical problems, people with aching joints and who are frail or overweight should not use ankle weights.




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