Car Safety Tip…Do You Know How To Handle Blowout On Highway

Let’s veer a little to car health, lol. The other week I was going 75 mph down the highway on a beautiful unexpected 78 degree sunny day in Ohio and my new rear tire just peeled off my corvette. I suddenly felt the car sink a bit….yes that is how it felt. My vette started to wobble and I just followed the movement as best as I could while tapping my breaks to slow it down. Luckily, I did not panic and slam on the brakes. Goodness, that could have caused me to roll the car / spin out. And of course, there is no spare tire in the truck of a vette. Also, the owners manual says, and this is funny, it is very unlikely for a corvette tire to blow. Well it didn’t blow, it just peeled right off the rim. Now my vette dealership couldn’t explain why, nor could the tire manufacturer. I can explain it, BAD TIRE,  


***How to Drive Through a Tire Blowout***

Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel.
Do not slam on the brakes.
Let your car slow down gradually.
Pull to the side of the road once you have slowed to a safe speed.
Activate your emergency flashers.


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