Easter Monday

Easter means celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ but for me it also sends images of “Chocolate Easter Bunnies”.  I do hope that some day in heaven, that I get to eat as much chocolate as I want without getting fat! Yes, I ate this whole bunny you see below leaving a few bites for my coffee this morning.

NOW, it will be a struggle for me not to eat more than that bunny you see below. And I am not joking, I love chocolate. So what is going to be my motivation not to eat more chocolate bunnies?  The thought of BIKINI weather is right around the corner. Along with that thought, the fact that my family’s 9 day trip to the Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado River ( all motorized – catered trip) might put a few pounds on me. We will be doing lots of hiking during this trip, yet I don’t think it will be strenuous hiking that will make me sweat. You see, I need to sweat during my workouts, it makes me feel good, makes me feel in-shape. So, with going down to the Canyon in a few months, I need to be at my normal weight, toned and ready to go. It is time to shake this holiday weight gain off my arse, ugh, and hips, ugh again, and belly.

Ladies, being fat in our 20’s or 50’s, it’s all the same with how to get into shape. Diet + Exercise, you just have to do it!  It’s okay to eat leftovers & chocolate today, don’t be yourself up enjoying Easter Fare. Just get back on track tomorrow with your diet, however, be sure to exercise today! God Bless and enjoy your Monday!! 


I love hiding Easter Baskets, this year’s basket was an easy find. Next year I will make up for the easy find this year, lol. He was more excited about the Barnes & Noble gift card inside his basket, my little guy loves to read! And on that note, I tell all parents of young tots, buy the beginners bible. Kids don’t want to go to bed, well let them stay up an extra 30 minutes with their bible. Not only are they enjoying beautiful drawings of our Lord, they will be trying to sound out words. The bible has all the bedtime stories you will ever need!



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