Enjoy your day, get some exercise in, eat some good food and thank the Lord above !!


Going to be a beautiful Sunday, a simple day of conversation, laughter and BASKETBALL. I will get in a nice walk around my home with my hubby while our little guy walks with us dribbling a basketball, lol. If your a parent with kids at home, get outdoors today and play a game or go for a walk with them. It’s a moment that you can create that filled with love and laughter. Our diet today up until dinner will be veggies, fruits, cheese, dips and whole grains. Dinner will be steak and veggies, Don’s grilling, YUM! I am hoping to be back on track tomorrow with my fitness, between dental appointments, school, and every day to-dos, I have been a bit off schedule this pass week. But most importantly, I had to watch my senior cat. For those of you who saw my muse yesterday, Twinkie did eat a tablespoon of food last night and she ate a bit this morning. I will be calling her vet tomorrow and will see if maybe she needs fluids, sigh! She also was more vocal this morning and walking around, a good sign. 



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