It’s That Fat Time Of Year

Okay, I feel fat and it isn’t even Monday. ┬áIt is that time of year where I just want to stay indoors under a huge bear rug, faux pas of course, even though I love the cold. This time of year I have to push myself out the door to work that fat off my bum. Ladies, we all need to move and break a sweat daily for our hearts health and mental health. If you find yourself being really lazy with the chill setting in at this time of year, go look at yourself naked in the mirror, or try to fit into something that you wore and felt fabulous in during this past summer. Is it snug? You get the idea, no one but you can fight the fat on your body, and that includes the unhealthy fat that could be wrapped around your organs that you don’t see. If you have time to be reading my blog daily, you have time to workout, please push yourself today. Love your body through a healthy diet and physical fitness!!