Goodness, after having the flu for two days, I definitely do not want to gorge on meat. So as always, I will start the week out going meatless. I always say the only good thing about having the flu, lol, is losing several pounds for a day.  I definitely got my rest in, I  laid in bed for two days while my Hubby took care of me and our little guy. As healthy as we all try to be, we all get sick with just a sniffle or living on the toilet. I can remember having the flu about 5 years ago, and even then, that might have been food poisoning. I can honestly say that in the last several years, I have gotten sick only once a year, around the fall/winter time, with a bad cold. Now yes, at times I can get a bit tired around PMS, lol. But one thing is for sure, I believe in eating healthy to fight any type of illness. Remember, you are what you eat! And eating healthy, along with exercise can help your body fight sickness!!