Mini-Me is starting 6th grade in a few days :)

It was a fun time yesterday taking my son to prep his locker for school next week along with getting his class schedule. So proud of his academic accomplishments he has achieved in each grade completed. Last year he was in an advanced math class doing 6th grade math. This year he is in an advanced math class that will be doing 9th grade math.

Also, the last 3 years he has been asked to  be on the Science Olympiad Team for his school. And on top of that,  he has been recognized for state testing scores every year.

He loves to learn, his favorite subjects are math and science…and of course, recess, though that will be no more this year. Study hall takes the place of that fun, lol.

So to all the moms out there, make learning a fun experience from the moment your little one grabs your finger for the first time. Talk, read, explore everything about our world with you kids!

Teach them the importance of when they get home after school / sports, have a snack and tackle homework immediately.

Get involved with their school work / ask them about their classes and projects.

Be old fashion, lol, and have them use a paper calendar to keep track of their homework and due dates (plus a good way to get them to write). 



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 Enjoy your weekend!


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