MOMS, Are You Teaching Your Children The Joy Of Reading?

Just thought I ask since April  10th thru April 16th is National Library Week. 


Reading is not only one of life’s greatest joys, it is also one of the most important skills a child can develop in their lifetime. The excitement of opening a book and looking into a world created through words and imagination is something that we strive for all young readers to treasure. However, when reading becomes another chore or task at school—a child’s joy from reading becomes lost or diminished.

Developing and sustaining a love of reading will become major challenge, in my opinion, for a child who views reading as a chore. How can you help your child learn to love to read? Here are my suggestions, things that I do:

  • Read to your child. 
  • Read with our child.
  • Take them several times a month to your local library. There are so many free programs and events for your child to get involved in.
  • Buy books as a reward for good behavior and for good grades.
  • Does your child have a hobby – sign them up for an age appropriate monthly magazine subscription that is all about their hobby, kids love to get mail.
  • Kids hate bedtimes, allow them an extra 20 minutes to stay up…that is only if that 20 minutes is reading time.
  • Have your child take a book when you are out and about driving, a great place to read – the backseat. 
  • And always ask your child what is going on in the story they are reading…who is there favorite character?


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