Move Your Body For Health!

Looks like it is going to be a smooth day of the usual in my life, which is all good. I will be getting back to jogging today, not sure on the distance but I know I have to hit the pavement and break a sweat! Even though at times my fitness might slow down, I am still moving and doing the best I can with my diet. I do not want to gain that fat back, see my bottom of my photos page, it was the weight I gained after popping out a baby that really made me HUGE. Of course, I did have an retinal lesions happen right at that time,  great excuse right? Looking at the world, after a couple of eye laser treatments, was like a kaleidoscope at first. I stopped all fitness, laid around because I was scared to even move my eyes, let alone my body. Also, I cried a lot, I was scared I was going to lose all my center sight in both eyes.  I still ate good but too much excess snacking didn’t help the waist line, the no exercise part did.  You have to exercise to burn fat, you know this and have heard it million times, right? Well the last thing I want to do is wrap my heart in fat and I can control that! I have said this several times, we all have lazy days and I believe that most of us go through a fat stage in our lifetime. Stage, meaning, a month or a couple, not an entire year or lifetime.



Don’t let your life line go flat because you choose to live a fat lifestyle!!  Exercise and eat healthy!!


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**Be Happy Be Healthy**

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