Nothing Like A Little Pain After A New Crown

UGH, so my whole routine has been off a bit with dental work  and caring for my senior cat, Twinkie, for a week now.  Though I have to say, even though I have gotten in some walking, I have been pretty good with my diet this past week, maybe 5-6 lb gain and it’s most likely bloat. Well at least that is what I am telling myself to make me feel better not the fact of eating too much peanut butter.

Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about my crown.  Three weeks ago I got a root canal due to a cavity that wasn’t seen on my previous cleaning / exam. A crown was then placed upon this tooth  and I am experiencing discomfort with it to the point of where I just want to cry. Nothing like a dull ache in your mouth that travels to your ear, but I won’t take IBU around the clock, no way. I can deal with pain quite well, after all I did pop out a child. And on that note, lets just say OUCH, no one ever told me how painful that was going to be. I did  not have an easy labor. I thought once I got a epidural it was going to be smooth sailing. NOT, it wore off, that was something no one ever explained. You have a small window to get a epidural and if you don’t pop out the baby when that kicks in, you’re screwed. 

Okay back to me and my tooth. I have a dental appointment today with a specialist and I am hoping I will get a positive game plan.  I am so good with caring for my teeth, it has been over 10 years since I needed any kind of dental work. I love going to the dentist for a cleaning but anything else blows. And I know so many of you could tell me a story that has to do with dental pain, :(

On a positive note, I decided to make myself feel better by baking up a batch granola, yum! Comfort food…healthy and low fat. 


Check back Thursday for this delicious healthy granola recipe and an update on my tooth, lol. 


Thank you for all the nice, loving emails to do with my cat Twinkie.

Here is the Twinkie update: after getting fluids and a shot to stimulate hunger yesterday at the vet, she is up and on the move. Meowing, purring, eating and moving as fast as a 16 year old can. Vet says she is healthy, nothing found. I  am hoping that it was just a “cat change of life, haha” or something she just went through due to age.  I want to find her dead one day, not have to put her to sleep one day. 




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