People Who Talk About Health The Most Are The Ones Who Are Unhealthy, in my opinion.

Individuals I know who live a healthy lifestyle, don’t sit around talking about health. On the other hand, individuals that I know who don’t live a healthy lifestyle talk about health constantly. The funny thing is, is that the unhealthy individuals really have themselves convinced that talking about health makes them healthy. I’m at the point of where I just sit and listen. Honestly, you can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, no one. That includes eating right and exercising, I mean if someone wants to keep digging their grave every day by being lazy and eating way too much for their body frame, have at it. It gets to the point where you hope they have good healthcare along with monies in the bank, since healthcare doesn’t cover everything. Oh, and lets not forget, those who live unhealthy need to make sure they have a game plan for who is going to care for them when they get sick from their unhealthy lifestyle. 



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