Enjoy Your Day!


Photo Taken 9/14


So how did I do yesterday after pulling this photo above out of hibernation to motivate me to stay away from peanut butter yesterday? I did great up until bedtime when I walked by my huge bubble gum machine that is on the kitchen  counter with the last few Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs in eat, lol, down the hatch they went. Oh, then I wolfed down a maple donut, I have a few of those on the counter too. My little guy was student of the week and yesterday I took in a few dozen to share with his classmates and staff. Like I have said many-many times, I am just an mom / woman doing the best I can with my diet and I will always have slip ups with sugar, arrggghhh.  

And to be honest, I ate to make me emotionally  feel better, I was worried my senior cat Twinkie, 16, was on her last leg last night. I was up late and if there is one thing that comforts me when I am sad is chocolate, so I oinked it on sweets.

Twinkie is doing good this morning she is old and being monitored by the vet, all blood work came back negative and her heart and lungs sound great. Age might just be the factor here with her, she had a bit of throw up yesterday and didn’t eat at all. She did drink a lot of water last night late and I got some food down her. And this morning she ate :). I am good mama to my cats! 

Enjoy your day, and if you do have pets, be sure to keep their health check-ups up to date just like yours!!



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