Hump Day

I have to laugh..every now and then when I have a few minutes to spare in my daily life schedule (which isn’t that often), I go through some of my posted recipes. Well what I want to tell you, you are going to find many typos in quite a few of my recipes. Some might be missing  a step or multiple steps or words just changed …like the one I posted today. The stew recipe said to preheat your oven to 350*, then went on to the crock-pot instructions on how to whip up the recipe. 

I noticed errors well over a year ago on my recipes that were already blogged on my site when I paid to have my site redone. Obviously, when info was transferred to my new site, info was screwed up. Now my error was that I assumed all the info was correctly copied & pasted, not. 

With so many recipe typos…words missing, steps out of order or steps added that make no sense, you have to laugh.

I am honestly laughing as I post this musing today,I think the best paid errors are the ones where steps are added that make no sense.   

SIGH, we all have heard, you shouldn’t use family when you need paid work done. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a new roof they put on my house, lol. 

It’s funny how business is business, but family always thinks it’s okay to make mistakes…obviously they didn’t go over their paid work. 

Well in all reality, the mistakes might have been made on purpose…it’s a possibility. 

Still laughing…

My life is soooo busy, as my many followers know. Recently, I have missed days here and there with posting to my blog. Eventually, I will go over past recipes and correct the errors.

It just might be time for me to stick with social media posts. 


As for this photo, this is me a few weeks ago at the gym. I like to wear sweatshirts, it’s the only time I break a sweat when I jog. As for today, I will be running outdoors.




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