So my day today started at a auto dealership. My hubby bought himself a truck and after driving it a bit, the steering wheel was  vibrating at highway speeds. Okay, easy fix right?? So hubby leaves for work, our son gets on the bus and I am off to the the dealership in a big  black truck, lol, more like a tank in my opinion. So once I get to my point of destination, I drive into the service area, hop out of the truck and go up to the service desk. 

I was greeted nicely by a service rep who asked me what my last name was. And of course, he didn’t see me anywhere on the schedule for service. And all I  could think about as I watched a look of confusion come over his face was… “oh great, now did I just waste an hour of my time driving here and back. I have family coming in for the weekend, I have floors to wash, carpets to vacuum AND I better get a full workout in today.” LOL!

So, as I was thinking this, I was telling him that the steering wheel starts to vibrate at 65 mph. And then of course I had another thought on top of I better have time to get to the gym today. That thought was…”I can only hope at 65 I am still able to vibrate.”  A little adult humor there. 

So what I want to say to you today is that caring for your body as an adult and by that I mean 18 to when God calls you home, is going to help you feel good about yourself, physically and mentally. AND when you like who you are, you feel attractive, sexy and always ready to vibrate with your partner. 

DON’T STOP LIVING, and part of living is eating healthy and exercising at every age!!



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