Even though this photo was taken September 14″, I am feeling fit and fab! I LOVE FRIDAYS and life is good!  I just needed to find a pic this morning to tape onto the cupboard. It will be my motivation to stay away from the peanut butter, geez, I have eaten 2 whole jars in the last week and a half, lol. And I swear when I over do it on peanut butter it gives me a bloated belly!

So what can you hang up in the kitchen to help motivate you to not eat the junk? A photo of you looking heavy or a photo of you at a healthy weight you once were?  How about a photo of you in a pair of jeans you love but are just a bit to tight, we all have a pair of those!

 Find something today that will make you stop and say “DON’T DO IT”, then go lift up your shirt and look at your gut, are you at a healthy weight or do you have weight that needs to come off? Remember that too much belly fat / abdominal obesity has been linked to many diseases.

Clinically belly fat is called central obesity. Studies have shown that this type of obesity is linked to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Also, did you know that studies have shown abdominal obesity to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other metabolic and vascular diseases. 

Maybe print out that little bit of info on belly fat and put onto your fridge to motivate you to stop eating junk.

I can tell you one thing about me, when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to workout…I think about my brother Mikey and my brother Bobby, BOTH DEAD, each early 50’s. One from a bad heart and the other from diabetes, neither one of them took care of themselves with their diseases.

Don’t go home early because of bad health choices! 

I miss my brothers…


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