Things To Never Do At The Gym

1. Don’t shower without flip flops –  protect yourself from the bacteria present in shower stalls.

2. Don’t use a mat or bench without cleaning it – Dirty stretching mats and exercise benches sometimes contain viruses, bacteria and fungi. If you have a cut/scratch that touches these germ-infested surfaces, you could get an infection.

3. Areas like entrances, walkways and aisles are reserved for foot traffic, not walking lunges, kettlebell swings or jumping rope. 

4. Give everyone exercising a cushion of a few feet. 

5. Guys, if a woman has headphones on, it’s a good sign to not talk to her. Also, don’t  harass and stare at women, or pretend to give a woman advice in order to talk to her. 

6.If your someone who loves doing supersets, you need to do this type of workout when the weight room is not crowded. If you are using 5 pieces of equipment at once, don’t yell at someone who is getting on one of the machines your using…”Hey, I’m using that”, when you are clearly on another machine. You’re not on it, your not using it! Ask the gym manager when the quietest times are during the week for you to do super sets.

And most importantly, don’t worry what you look like, you are there to workout for your mental and physical health!