Thursday, Toned Tush Time Is Now Here

Soon I will be wearing  this



Which means I better stop eating too much of this



And start doing a little bit more of this


bikini butt, toned butt, toned ass, lose butt fat

LOL, I am serious!

Yesterday was an off day for me (working out) after a dental appt that left me a little sore.  UGH, and because I was sitting around, something I next to never do during the day,  down went almost a whole jar of peanut butter! And guess where all that fat and sugar likes to go on my body, my belly. I swear I look like I am 5 months pregnant today after eating too much peanut butter and probably about 100 Reeses pieces. However, I did manage to get in some good for you veggies, but it was the “I am not hungry” snacking that did me in.

 I hate having an untoned – pudgy belly, but that’s me. That’s kind of how I measure my body, I don’t go by a scale number. If I look down and have more than a little pouch going on (which is normal for everyone even photoshopped models) , I try to stay away from peanut butter for a day or two and I especially try not to eat any sweets at night. 

So if your like me and you have diet downfalls, don’t beat yourself up over it, just do better the next day. You have your whole life to eat, but you won’t have a whole life if you don’t start caring for your body with good nutrition and EXERCISE!

AND LADIES, just remember, we come in all different shapes and sizes! There is no perfect body for a bikini, tankini or a one piece, it’s all about how you feel about your body. You can wear whatever floats your boat, don’t worry about what others think. Honestly, do you really care what a stranger thinks about your body, hair, nails, shoe size…NO! 


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**Be Happy Be Healthy**

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