Tuesday’s Thought….Why Are So Many Diehard Sports Fans Fat?

If you are someone who loves to watch sports, how about getting active in the sports you love to watch. Now that doesn’t mean, get active as in stuff your face with nachos and do arm lifts with your favorite beer…it means, get off your lazy fat ass and play sports. There is nothing attractive about the photo above. All I see is an extra booty hanging over his belt, man-boobs and at that weight, his heart is working overtime. On that note, the list of ¬†possible health issues at that weight is too long to type right now.¬†

However, I hope that guy touching the big guy’s back from behind knows him or maybe he is wanting his nachos back, lol. Also, I would guess that this image must be from a hockey game / England. If it was an American game, you would see multiple big guys in the photo.¬†


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