Why You Should Add Zucchini To Your Diet

My first zucchini of the season, YUM!


1.  It’s super low in calories:

One cup of sliced zucchini has about 19 calories. 

2.  You can eat the blossoms:

Zucchini is served as a vegetable, it’s technically a fruit because it comes from a flower. It grows from a golden blossom that blooms under the leaves. They don’t normally sell the blooms in the grocery store, but you can find them at farmers’ markets.  The most popular way to prepare the blossoms is to fry them. 

3.  It may be good for your heart:

Zucchini has a good amount of potassium: 295 milligrams per cup, or 8% of your recommended daily value. Potassium can help control blood pressure because it lessens the harmful effects of salt on your body. Studies suggest boosting your potassium intake (while also curbing sodium) can slash your risk of having a stroke and may also lower your odds of developing heart disease. Zucchini is also high in the antioxidant vitamin C, which may help the lining of your blood cells function better.  

 4.  You can substitute it for pasta:

You can use zucchini in place of noodles in most recipes. With a mandolin or a spiral slicer, you secure the zucchini on prongs and push the zucchini  toward the blades. Not only does it make things easy, but it’s also kind of cool to see dozens of noodles cranked out at once. A smaller and less expensive option is a julienne peeler, which has a serrated blade to create thin strips. 


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